Real Miracle Accounts from Passover at RU!

Thought it was just another Passover of singing Dayeinu over miracles of years gone by?  Well, think again!  The famous line from the movie, “build it, and they will come,” didn’t only apply to buildings, but to miracles as well! Through the amazing efforts of Chabad’s student leadership team, this year’s Passover celebrations on campus brought about one good thing after another…

Take for example the hour before the beginning of the first Seder.  Rabbi Goodman was trekking through campus in a last minute effort to make sure that every student and professor had a place for Passover, or at least a free, handbaked shmurah to bring home to their own family’s Seder.


Chabad Alternative Spring Break Huge Success

“After a long fall and start of the spring semester here when all I was doing was worrying about my school work, my grades, my life and my friends,” stated first year student Jenn Klein, “it was really good to spend time helping others and enjoying a really exciting trip overseas for spring break with students from all over the world!”

Helping the Jewish community of Berlin, Germany, we worked in soup kitchens, helped run social, cultural programs for holocaust survivors, refugees, and children at risk, cleaned up a Jewish cemetery, and helped distribute over the counter medications to the needy, just to name a few.  Berlin, Germany, a city that might not evoke fond memories for many Jews, now provides young people the opportunity to witness a miracle in our own time – the regrowth of Judaism in the place that Hitler and the Nazis intended to destroy. Full Story


Juggling School, Club Life and Purim?!

One of the great features at the Purim Party this year at Chabad was the performance of the Rutgers Juggling Club!  But for Rutgers Junior Reggie Viezel, it was no small juggling act getting everybody together for this party.  For Reggie, while he has a great passion to interact with and entertain people with his great talents in juggling, his main concern is getting his school work done, well and on-time.  And that feeling is shared by the other members of the juggling club as well.

But somehow, through last minute Purim confidence, texting, and genuine care from the members of the club, it all came together with the most profession and mind-boggling juggling show you ever saw!  The jugglers juggled everything from the typical bowling ball pins to the more extravagant African Poles and Indigo Mystery Balls.  The undisputed best juggle was a three-way crazy juggling frenzy, totally impossible to follow with the naked eye!  The crowd went wild. Full Story


Secret Purim Activities on Campus

Like the story of Purim itself, this year’s festivities on campus included a hidden side – parties sponsored by Chabad not only College Avenue, but also on Douglass, Busch and Livingston!  Organized by Chabad’s Student Leadership Team, Rabbi Baruch Goodman and Rabbi Shaya Shagalow (who led Megillah readings every other hour throughout the holiday), and aided by Yeshiva Students from Crown Heights Brooklyn, lively Purim Parties complete with Megillah readings, Hamantaschen, Costume Masks and Music  were held in off campus apartments, dorms, and fraternities!  And who could not notice that wild and crazy Purim bus?!  As the sun set Wednesday night before spring break, crazy happy partiers some in costume, some not, quickly filled Chabad’s Purim festivals and heard 22 Megillah readings and baked over 1,500 hamantaschen pastries!  Purim was in the air at Rutgers!

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B”H                     Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!
You are hereby royally summoned by order of her majesty Queen Esther to celebrate the Jewish Festival of Purim this coming Wednesday Night and Thursday! Come hear the Megillah – the Book of Esther and experience a wild and crazy party all at Chabad on Wednesday night!

*Featuring:: Live Shushan Band! :: Hot Persian Buffet & Hors Devoures! :: Royal Reading of the Megillah at two times: 6:15pm & 9:15pm! :: Morroccan Drum Circle! :: Rutgers Juggling Club Show of Shows! :: Make Your Own Hamantaschen Baking at the Event! :: Costume Ball with Prizes Awarded to Best Costumes! :: Daring Desserts & Mango/Raspberry Sorbet! :: Frosty Tropical L’chaims! :: Crowds of the Greatest People on Campus!!! Full Story


Tribute to Passing of Mr. Avi Strimber obm

It is with great sadness that we report the unexpected passing of the father of Rutgers Chabad’s esteemed Executive Team Leader Josh Strimber – Avraham (Avi) Strimber, of blessed memory.  Shiva is being observed at their home in Baltimore, MD, with family and friends, with many students from Rutgers attending both the funeral as well as paying shiva calls during this week, from Thursday, Feb. 24 through Wednesday morning, Feb. 29.

Click “Full Story” for a continuation of this tribute to Josh Strimber’s father…

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Chicken Soup, Matzah Balls and Footballs

Flowing wine, sparkling candles, hot cinnamon challah buns, hummus, chicken soup, matzah balls and footballs?!  Giants win, and this turns into a theme for Friday Night Shabbat Dinner?  Yes, the Rutgers Birthright Reunion that night was amazing (see below), but what could possibly be gained from a brute win of heavy-weight jocks running after a ball? But as Ebby Samuel put it, there emerged a “superman” or better put, supermanning” from all this.  Yes, Giants star quarterback Eli Manning could have pounded his chest and boasted and bragged. The two-time Super Bowl MVP could have taken a lot of credit to himself. He could have hogged the spotlight; after all, he did just finish off the finest season of his career by carrying the Lombardi Trophy to the City Hall stage. Full Story



Over 120 students attended this year’s New Year for Trees Celebration in honor of Tu B’Shevat, the 15th of Shevat on the Jewish calendar, marking the beginning of a “New Year for Trees.” This is the season in which the earliest-blooming trees in the Land of Israel emerge from their winter sleep and begin a new fruit-bearing cycle.

At Rutgers, we celebrated the day of Tu B’Shevat by getting everybody together and eating fruit, particularly from the kinds that are singled out by the Torah in its praise of the bounty of the Holy Land: grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates. This is the day of the year we remember that “man is a tree of the field” (Deuteronomy 20:19) and reflect on the lessons we can derive from our botanical analogue.

Many thanks to all the organizers who made this year’s Tu B’shvat so “JEWCY!”: Danielle Wald, Jessica Loren, Matt Montel, Nathaniel Dahan, Josh Strimber, Josh Kigler and Lev Gelfand!


Chabad Students Launch Exciting Campus Blog!

Chabad at Rutgers is very proud to announce the launching of it’s totally new Campus Webblog by students for students! It’s the greatest way to keep you informed of Jewish happenings on campus, both upcoming and recent! Visit us regularly at See you at the next event, it’s going to out of this world, but totally down to earth! L’chaim to a fun and successful Spring semester! – Danielle


Over 400 Attend Chabad’s Israeli Spring Opener

Over 400 students attended Chabad’s Spring Opener this past Tuesday night, which featured pop Israeli and Chassidic music, authentic shwarma in hot, whole wheat pita pockets, israeli salads, wings, hors devoures, sufganiot, and plenty of moctail l’chaims at the “Chabar” with Rabbi Goodman, Josh Roth, and Lev Gelfand, all under the watchful eye of professional bartender Josh Block!

“The crowds just kept on coming and coming the whole night long from 9 unitl 11:30pm!” commented Chabad Vice President Josh Roth.  “I am very happy to see so many people having a great time hearing of all the amazing new programs we’ve planned for this new semester.” Full Story


New Student Leadership & Song for Spring ’12!

Chabad Student President Danielle Wald announced that plans are underway for a very  exciting new spring semester beginning in mid-January. Together with her top Chabad Leadership Team members, their calendar of events is just about ready for printing and will feature such exciting events as: CIA – Chabad Israel Advocacy Programs with a fascinating “Up Close and Personal” talk by a current Israeli Soldier on leave to visit family in America, concert by famous, Israeli pop band, the annual Purim Extravaganza UFO theme, a workshop on Wine Making, a trip and walk tour of the old Jewish town of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a big Jewish student ski trip, and much more

The Leadership Team (Upperclass Students) for Spring Semester:

President – Danielle Wald
Vice President – Josh Roth
Senior Treasurer – Jessica Loren; Incoming Treasurer – Jackie Roberman
Shabbat Directors – Lauren Nissenblatt and Stephanie Klarer
Community Service Directors – Britney Plotnick and Jessica Golden
Shul Gabbais – Josh Strimber (Ashnekazic) & Adam Nasar, Jack Laniado (Sephardic)
Education Director – Josh Herzfeld
JCafe Staff – Danielle Wald, Jessica Loren, Matt Montel, Nathaniel Dahan & Josh Strimber
Challah Baking Directors – Jessie Kreitman and Natali Gendelberg
Sushi ‘n Soul Director – Nate Sobel  *  Entertainment Director – Eric Wilzig
Action Leaders - Chavie Berman, Josh Block, Erez Kahan, Lev Gelfand, Evan Katims, Meredith Hand, Micah Urbach, Josh Kigler
Freshmen Action Committee – Josh Herzfeld, Talia Friedman, Jordana Silberman, Sara Feinberg, Allison Samuel, Noa Schwartzbach, Rose Soskind. Special thanks to Talia Friedman for creative and artistic work in organizing our beautiful weekly activity signs outside the building on college ave with her banner staff for all to see!

Chabad’s New RU Week of Kindness Theme Song

Of course, another great addition to this year’s new projects is this new campus blog! More editors, writers and photographers are still needed. The goal of this blog is to share the warmth, light and humor of Jewish teachings and values with our fellow students at Rutgers.  If you’d like to join this fun group of campus blogsters, please contact Danielle at


Letter from Israel to Rutgers with Thanks

The following letter was written to Rutgers Sophomores Britney Plotnick and Jessica Golden for their charitable work on behalf of the residents of the Israeli town of Hebron as part of their RU Week of Kindness Fundraising Initiative here on the Rutgers campus:

Dear Britney and Jessica,

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